Blood Donation Camp

On 14 June, countries worldwide celebrate World Blood Donor Day with events to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank voluntary unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood.

At Docsuns Services Pvt. Ltd. the theme was “You don't have to be a doctor to save lives.” focuses on the idea that every one of us can become a doctor by giving blood. While recognizing the silent and unsung doctors who save lives every day through their blood donations, the theme also strongly encourages more people all over the world to donate blood voluntarily and regularly.

Our every security guard, every security manager and other employees of Docsuns Services Pvt. Ltd. have participated in this blood donation event happily. And we all feel proved that our small contribution of donating blood will save someone's life.

Docsuns Services 30 Year Celebration

Docsuns Services Pvt. Ltd. has successfully completed 30 years in providing security services. Here is some moment of our celebration.

Celebritie's Dance & Music Shows

Docsuns Services Pvt. Ltd. has provided security to many celebrities, when they visited to Gujarat. Docsuns Services Pvt. Ltd. has provided security to Sajid - Wajid, Sonal Chauhan, Imran Hashmi, Yana Gupta, Vidya Balan, Johny Lever and many more.

Garba & Dance

At Docsuns Services Pvt. Ltd. we are providing security service at functions, festivals, private celebration, in public & private sector and many other celebrations. We already had provided security service at Friend's Garba, Sports Club Garba, Karnavati Garba Festival and Private Dance Parties.

Mega Events by Gujarat Goverment

Docsuns Services Pvt. Ltd. provided security service to major goverment events like, Marathon Race, Kankariya Karnival, Sabarmati Riverfront Kite Festival. Those events were hosted by AMC(Ahmedabad Municipal Corportation).

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